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Founded: 2019Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Settle propels the growth of CPG businesses by streamlining cash flow management.Settle's all-in-one easy-to-integrate platform, Settle Working Capital, empowers consumer goods and e-commerce brands to elevate their financial operations with seamless vendor payments, invoice management, and transparent financing with Settle Working Capital.

$2 billionTotal payment volume
$20 millionGet approved for up to $20 million in working capital
+385%Average 1-year supported revenue growth*
*Calculated based on 188 customers' average rate of increase for gross revenue YoY one year after activating on Settle.
Backed by the very best in fintech
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Leadership Team

Alek Koenig's photo
Alek Koenig


Alek Koenig is the chief executive officer and founder of Settle with deep experience in consumer lending, risk management, and financial products. Alek launched his career at Capital One, where he spent six years working in risk management and consumer lending. However, it was his foray into the dynamic realm of startups that truly ignited his passion for innovation.

With a playbook honed from his experiences at Capital One, Affirm, and as founder of his first startup, Alek set out to disrupt the status quo by empowering businesses with transparent and efficient payment solutions.

With a deep understanding of the pivotal role working capital plays for founders, Alek channels his firsthand experience in scaling startups to propel the growth of hundreds of small brands in the CPG sector.

Ex: Affirm, Capital One

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Shane Moriah


Ex: Affirm, 6sense

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Olivia Micallef


Ex: PayPal, Venmo

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Andrew MacLeod

General Counsel


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Joe Delgardio

Head of Capital Markets

Ex: SoFi, OneMain Financial

Settle proudly serves hundreds of high-growth consumer goods brands.
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