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Monthly feeBILL Partner PricingSettle Partner Pricing
Subscription Fees$68.60$49.00
ACH Payment$0.49$0.40
Same-Day ACH Payment$319.68$80.00
Paper Check$3.38$4.00
Domestic Wires$29.98$16.00
International Wires$0.00$48.00
Total Monthly Fees$422.13$197.40
Total Annual Fees$5,065.56$2,368.80
Total Annual Savings with Settle$2,696.76

*BILL charges a higher markup for foreign exchange rates than Settle, potentially increasing costs as your invoice grows. See our Settle vs BILL page for more details.Calculated based on Settle’s Partner Plus plan and Bill’s AP & AR Partner pricing; 2 users, making 1 ACH payment, 32 Same-Day ACH payments, 2 paper checks, 2 domestic wires, and 4 international wires. Savings of approximately $225 a month, or $2,697 a year. BILL pricing and plan information based on published pricing on its website.

A dedicated Partner Success team that has your back.

Hands-on Client Support

Hands-on Client Support

Get help with client onboarding, migration from other AP tools, and ongoing questions - from a team of humans.

Prioritized Product Feedback

Prioritized Product Feedback

We value your input. Have an open channel of communication for feature requests to superpower your service offering.

Scale Your Business

Scale Your Business

As part of Settle's partner directory, you’ll get client referrals from e-commerce businesses who need service providers like you.

With our ongoing referral program, you’ll receive a $250 cash bonus1 for every new client you bring to Settle.
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