How centralized, flexible tools enabled Italic’s explosive growth

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Founded in Los Angeles in 2018, Italic believes customers shouldn’t have to pay a premium for high-quality goods. As a marketplace for luxury products at unbelievable prices, Italic connects consumers directly to 60+ of the leading global manufacturers across fashion, beauty, home, and more.

50%Workflow improvement

The challenge

Decentralized, generic bill pay systems require complex, manual upkeep. According to CEO Jeremy Cai, Italic’s previous bill pay services were not built for ecommerce or retail. His team frequently found themselves explaining common industry concepts like “purchase orders” or “wholesale receivables” to these vendors.

With no single source of truth for how much they owed vendors vs. how much they actually paid, a problem further complicated by both domestic and international payments, the whole system was “a mess.”

The solution

Three platform features immediately improved Italic’s complex workflow and cash flow:

  1. Tools tailored to ecommerce: Settle is custom-built to serve brands and their unique needs. With Settle, all purchase orders and current payments are now centralized in one place, and Italic no longer has to worry about potentially missing statements or dropping the ball on accounts payable. 
  2. Financing optimization: Settle structures its financing product to minimize burn and smooth out expenses. Cash-intensive financing for POs can be convoluted, but Settle automatically flags any higher-than-average monthly spending for review. 
  3. Scalability and responsiveness: Both Settle’s platform and team perform well at every level of Italic’s workflow complexity. If issues ever arise, the Settle team is prompt, reachable, and simply pleasant to work with.

The outcome

Since partnering up in 2020, Settle’s consistent and streamlined bookkeeping system has saved Italic valuable time and money every month:

  • Dozens of hours saved across 4 teams
  • 50% faster workflow

Settle has also improved overall executive function by eliminating the search for tools with fair pricing; Italic already knows Settle offers excellent rates.

Jeremy and his team at Italic are excited to keep working with Settle for two key reasons:

  1. The product works exceptionally well at a competitive price.
  2. Settle focuses on innovation, pushing out new features "literally every week." When Italic has a feature request, he often sees that request completed within the same sprint.

With Settle by its side, Italic will be able to reach and delight even more customers with its mission of “luxury without labels.”


Settle has been great to work with from our earliest days, when Italic had smaller payment flows, to now, when we have hundreds of vendors and payments every month.

Jeremy Cai, CEO

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