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  • Settle supports an average 1 year gross revenue growth of 385% for our customers*
  • Get your credit eligibility in 1-3 business days when you use our easy integration
  • Join the best in CPG brands like Lalo, Branch, and Italic

*Calculated based on 188 customers' average rate of increase for gross revenue YoY one year after activating on Settle.

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Here’s how it works


Sync your financial software with our easy integration and get your credit eligibility in as little as 1–3 business days.


Upload a bill, then choose your preferred currency, payment method, and schedule. We’ll pay the vendor on your behalf.


Pay us back 30–180** days later with our fixed repayment schedule.

**Actual terms depend on an individual business’s credit eligibility.


We’ll regularly assess your credit eligibility to ensure it aligns with your business so you can take your brand to the next level.

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Fueling the best in CPG

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Settle has been great to work with from our earliest days, when Italic had smaller payment flows, to now, when we have hundreds of vendors and payments every month.

Jeremy Cai

Jeremy Cai



Settle is our most valuable financial partner. Settle and its products have allowed our business to continue to grow year over year while sucessfully managing our payables.

Bryan Edwards

Bryan Edwards



Having used Oracle, NetSuite, and other ERP systems in the past, Settle is perfect for our stage of the company - it has a clean interface and holds everything in one place making it really easy to track POs and pay bills.

Sumish Khadka

Sumish Khadka


Soft Services

Settle has helped scale our business by providing a simple and flexible working capital solution allowing us to make significant inventory buys to meet our growth. In addition to this, we like Settle’s user-friendly dashboard, with the ability to link invoices to POs allowing for smooth unit cost tracking.

Julia Gasser

Julia Gasser

VP of Operations

Ladybird Provisions

Settle is a lifeline for the CPG world because cash is tight.

Sarah Rioux

Sarah Rioux


Freestyle World

We needed something that was straightforward and BILL wasn't that.

Russ Wallace

Russ Wallace


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