Settle 2023 Product Wrap

December 20, 2023


Start scaling your brand's growth

As we bid farewell to 2023, the year that gave us “rizz”, Taylor’s Eras, Barbenheimer, and so much more, we’re taking a look back at some of the product updates and features we’ve launched to make running CPG brands easier. Here are just some of the highlights:

Purchase Orders to save you time and money 

Our new suite of purchase order features simplifies the purchase to pay workflow from purchasing to receiving inventory to paying for them. So you can spend less time creating POs and chasing paper trails and more time on what matters most - your business. But we know seeing is believing—so give it a spin for yourself with our purchase orders tour.

  • Create custom POs in minutes: Save time by pre-filling your POs with your catalog items and automatically emailing them to your vendors. 
  • Instant 3-way matching: Effortlessly spot errors between purchase orders, receipts, and bills with our side-by-side comparison view. Receive instant alerts for any discrepancies between your PO, preventing potential overpayments for inventory.
  • Next-level visibility and reporting: Conveniently track the status of your payables and purchase orders with comprehensive reporting and use customizable tags to group your POs and search by preferred category in a jiffy.

Coming soon: Our automatic 2-way line-item purchase order discrepancy flagging between your POs and bills is on its way so you will be able to prevent overspend by instantly catch any errors in even more detail. 

Catalog and Items

Easily track your purchased products and itemized costs with our catalog. You can create items within Settle or import and export them to and from both Quickbooks (aka products and services in Quickbooks) and NetSuite and automatically map bills to items. With catalog items, you can:

  • Make creating POs a breeze by auto-filling POs with catalog item data, eliminating manual data entry.
  • Customize POs by adding specific properties to catalog items, such as sizes and colors (perfect for apparel founders!) and save property templates for easy application to POs. 

NetSuite and Quickbooks Online integrations improvements

Our accounting software integrations are even more seamless now with less manual data entry. Netsuite users can automatically 2-way sync bills financed through Settle Working Capital, keeping your books up to date and in sync in real time. 

Meanwhile, Quickbooks Online users can check importing bills off their to-do list by auto-importing open bills from QBO to Settle. No more manual bill imports!

AP insights at your fingertips

With our new AP Aging Chart, you get instant insights into unpaid bill amounts by aging period - another data visibility tool in your toolbox.

More ways to enhance oversight with custom roles

Take control of permissions and visibility with customizable user roles. You can limit permissions by different access types (full, view-only, and no access) so both internal and external stakeholders (like your accountant!) have the right access.

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