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August 2, 2023


Start scaling your brand's growth

At Settle, we set out to simplify cash flow management to help brands grow. Now, we’re excited to expand our horizons to alleviate another pain point for businesses: the purchasing process. Our new purchasing feature gives you access to end-to-end support that can take a load off your plate.

  • Manage spend and payments: Store and update all your purchasing, bill, and payment data on Settle’s all-in-one platform.
  • Easy purchase order (PO) creation: Save time by creating POs within minutes and emailing them to vendors automatically.
  • Improved visibility and reporting: Conveniently track the status of your payables and purchase orders with comprehensive reporting.
  • Effortless PO organization: Use customizable tags to group your POs and search by preferred category in a jiffy.
  • Simplified auditing: Easily spot errors between purchase orders, receipts, and bills with our side-by-side comparison view.

From purchasing to receiving inventory to paying bills, we’ve simplified the purchase-to-pay process. Which means you can spend less time chasing paper trails and more time on your business. But we know seeing is believing—so give it a spin for yourself.

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Interested in learning more about purchase orders? Check out our blog post.

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