Say hello to Settle Inbox, a new way to manage your invoices

September 20, 2022

New feature

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Since we started Settle, our #1 goal has always been to take the worry out of cash flow management for our users.

Today we’re excited to announce the release of Settle Inbox, which is just one more step on this journey of making the best cash flow tool for everyone on our platform.

Settle Inbox will completely change the way you manage your invoices for the better. Instead of invoices appearing unannounced in your payables list, now when you or a vendor send an invoice to your unique Settle Inbox email address, it’ll show up in — surprise — your Inbox! From here, you can quickly sort through incoming invoices and select which you want to add to your payables — and which are just junk.

With Settle Inbox, you can

  • Review and edit invoices details
  • Move the invoice to your payables or trash it
  • Select payment information and schedule payment

The entire process from receiving an invoice, to auditing its contents, to scheduling, or even deferring a payment is totally seamless and designed to make your life easier.

Our engineers built this feature as a direct result of countless conversations with actual Settle users, and we can’t wait to hear what you think. Settle Inbox will surely continue to evolve and improve over time with more of your feedback, but even this first version was enough to make one of our accountants pen an unprompted haiku:

…and we hope it makes each of our users just as happy!

Other exciting updates

  • Sequential approval rules — You can now create rules with sequential logic (ie FIRST Mary needs to approve, THEN EITHER Jordan OR Marcus.)
  • Updated labeling — Labels are now way more functional. Don’t just create and apply labels, now you can actually filter by specific label types. Check out this 2-minute tutorial for more details.
  • Viewer role — We’ve heard your requests and created a new user role type called a Viewer who has read-only access to your Settle account. This type of role is great for accountants and other folks who might need to audit your finances, but not make any adjustments.

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