Settle and Dwight Funding Announce Partnership for Hypergrowth Consumer Brands

March 4, 2022

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Cashflow management startup Settle and modern working capital partner Dwight Funding launched a strategic partnership today to better serve the capital needs of growth-stage brands in the CPG industry.

The two companies say the partnership is a natural fit due to their shared missions and complementary products. Both businesses are focused on disrupting traditionally slow-moving industries by bridging gaps in the cash conversion cycle using a founder-friendly, tech-enabled approach. Settle has simplified the bill pay workflow with its suite of tools, funding payables, and Dwight has modernized asset-based lending, funding receivables and inventory.

Ben Brachot, Dwight’s Co-founder & Managing Director adds, “The Dwight-Settle partnership is an instance in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Settle and Dwight are here to make sure founders have modern, simple access to capital. By combining forces, we can ensure clients are able to fund the entire product lifecycle from production to sales.”

In practice, Settle and Dwight place great value on maintaining flexible and transparent terms, as opposed to the rigid, complicated structures of more traditional counterparts. The products were specifically designed for long-term growth, with no hidden fees and the potential to scale in parallel with the brand. What’s more, both offerings make working with them easy: Settle allows clients to defer vendor payments by 30-120 days, while Dwight offers revolving credit lines with hassle-free reporting and a partnership approach like that of an equity sponsor. Finally, the Dwight-Settle experience is as digitally native as the companies it serves, building on  proprietary technology that minimizes friction. Through the partnership, the companies are also prioritizing the use of data to make smarter lending decisions that benefit borrowers. “Lending to businesses that not only care about growing quickly, but also responsibly, ensures that our interests are aligned; we're forming long term relationships with our customers and intend to support them through their many stages of growth,” says Settle founder Alek Koenig.

Many growth-stage CPG brands have already found value in using the two products side by side. Looking ahead, the teams say that they’re just scratching the surface of this long term partnership. “We’re excited to be working with a partner that really shares and understands our emphasis on building a positive customer experience,” shared Koenig. The companies are committed to continuing to improve the customer experience by exploring future-looking tools that leverage both parties’ strengths.

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About Dwight Funding

Dwight Funding is a leading working capital partner built for early and growth stage businesses in eCommerce, Food & Beverage, General CPG, and SaaS. Partnering with Dwight means a quick turnaround, efficient decision making, and an expert take on the industry — this is attributed in part to sophisticated use of technology, and in part to industry specialization. Dwight’s lines of credit are structured for equity funded or bootstrapped businesses by covering all working capital needs to fuel growth.

About Settle

Settle is an all-in-one cashflow management solution tailored to the needs of growing CPG brands. By providing a suite of tools that allow for seamless bill pay and accounts payable management, Settle minimizes the burden of monitoring when and where company dollars are spent—freeing founders and small business owners to instead focus on their products and customers. Settle also provides flexible invoice-based financing options to help smooth the months-long gaps between vendor payments and product sales.

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